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Manage performance and risk in real-time.

The Diligent® Qualification Platform supports provider qualification decisions and was built based on The Avoca Group’s 20+ years of experience in clinical outsourcing as well as the company’s fluency in global regulatory requirements.

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Regulatory requirements mandate that sponsors maintain oversight “of any trial-related duties and functions carried out on its behalf,” including all activities that are outsourced to providers. This can be difficult given the changing clinical trial landscape, including evolving regulations, increased use of technology for data collection, and more complicated protocols. At The Avoca Group, we recognized that the process of qualifying providers must also evolve – to one that facilitates compliance across all outsourcing categories.

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Introducing the Diligent® Qualification Platform - A Comprehensive Mix of Consulting Services, Tools, and Technology


The Avoca Group’s Consulting Services leverage our expertise, the AQC® tools, and the Diligent Qualification Platform to assist sponsors to develop a comprehensive, yet efficient, approach to provider qualification. We evaluate your current vendor qualification and selection processes and help to implement best practice approaches.
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Inherent within the Diligent Qualification Platform is a rigorous set of industry standards and tools developed and vetted by Member companies of the Avoca Quality Consortium® (AQC), a pre-competitive industry collaborative that has leaders from over 90 Member organizations representing sponsors, CROs, and providers of all sizes working together.

Qualification-related tools include:

  • RFI questionnaires (completed by providers, then stored in the Diligent Qualification Platform)
  • Scorecards*
  • Visit checklists*

*Currently only available to AQC Members


The Diligent Qualification Platform supports provider qualification and selection decisions through a web-based, centralized platform, with a robust database at its core, to manage and share qualification information.

  • Repository of completed RFI questionnaires and supporting information for participating providers
  • Sponsors requests to access providers’ information are approved by the provider
  • Searchable by key parameters
  • Ability to compare multiple providers

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Offering A Range of Qualification Options

The Diligent Qualification Platform offers a range of service levels to meet your specific qualification needs.

With the Diligent Qualification Platform, you can:

  • Reduce your ICH E6 (R2) compliance risk
  • Enable data-driven, higher quality decisions regarding provider selection
  • Achieve shorter timeframes to onboard new providers and capabilities
  • Have access to robust tools (RFI questionnaires and, for AQC Members, scorecards and visit checklists) and business processes
  • Utilize a more cost, time, and resource efficient model
  • Streamline the data collection process
  • Reduce your administrative expense

To ensure your provider qualification and oversight are ICH E6 (R2) compliant, email us at


The Diligent Qualification Platform provides safety and security in an environment of rapidly-evolving technologies, regulatory expectations, and product profiles by efficiently managing change. With a strong foundation in the AQC, the Diligent Qualification Platform drives quality and supports compliance with foundational principles of effective provider qualification and oversight practices for progressive, forward-facing trials.


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