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The Diligent Qualification Platform is an innovative new model for Provider prequalification using standardized and centralized information to improve upon the prevalent redundant and dysfunctional model. Diligent was developed in response to Avoca Industry and Consortium research, which uncovered the need for higher quality, more efficient means of qualifying Technical Clinical Service Providers.

Diligent combines Avoca’s experience in standards and leading practices with a centralized database and qualification standards to offer a streamlined, single source for prequalification of Technical Service Providers.

Diligent Centralized RFIs
Focus on 3 Core Attributes


  • Core and technical standards provided to all participating Providers
  • RFIs based on those standards that were developed with Provider review and input


  • A single Core RFI utilized for all Providers and accepted by many Sponsors/CRPs
  • Fit-for-purpose Technical RFIs specific to the service area offered by the Provide


  • Reduced time spent on redundant RFI completion
  • Opportunity to share completed RFI(s) across multiple Sponsor and CRO clients
  • Greater amount of time available to focus on core, value-add activities

How Diligent Works

cRFI Process

  1. Providers complete the Core and Technical RFIs. Avoca available for support throughout completion.
  2. RFIs are stored in Avoca’s secure information portal. Avoca provides participating Provider list to Industry.
  3. Firms request RFI information. Providers review and approve those requests prior to release of the information.
  4. Sponsors/CROs use the Diligent cRFI model to identify and learn about Provider capabilities. Providers focus energies on high-value activities.

View the RFIs currently available in Diligent


  1. Sponsor/CRO requests a Diligent prequalification audit of a Provider. Avoca solicits (blinded) for additional participation and cost sharing.
  2. A Diligent certified auditor/SME is assigned. Audit is executed against AQC Standards.
  3. Audit report provided to Requestors. Audit information made available for purchase and reuse, with Provider approval at each request. Original Sponsor/CRO received a credit for future audits.
  4. Sponsors/CROs more rapidly onboard Providers and/or capabilities. Providers spend less time hosting audits.

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