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The Avoca Quality Consortium (AQC) is a member-based pre-competitive collaborative comprised of clinical operations, quality, and outsourcing professionals from pharma, biotech, CROs, and clinical service providers. The AQC is founded on a commitment to improve outsourced clinical trials.

Our mission is to drive efficiency, increase quality, and mitigate risk in clinical trial execution through industry collaboration.

The AQC reflects the input of industry experts from backgrounds including outsourcing, clinical operations, quality, large-scale organizational change, relationship management, information technology, and survey research.

Through the AQC Knowledge Center, The Avoca Quality Consortium delivers thought leadership to guide Member companies in applying leading-edge approaches to risk management and complying with good clinical practices.

Each AQC Member organization receives company-wide access to a comprehensive and proprietary Knowledge Center of over 400 leading practices, guidelines, tools, templates, and process documents, as well as AQC research and archived webinars aimed at:

  • Operationalizing proactive quality and risk management
  • Improving GCP compliance
  • Facilitating effective trial oversight
  • Increasing clinical trial operational efficiency

The Avoca Quality Consortium was founded in 2011 and is sponsored by Pfizer and Lilly. Members include more than 80 pharma, biotech, and clinical service providers.

Click here to view the AQC’s 2011-2017 timeline.

AQC Member Companies

Benefits of Membership

The Avoca Quality Consortium™ offers Members opportunities to network and share leading practices with other Members. Membership also affords access to:

  • Unlimited company-wide access to the AQC Knowledge Center
  • Annual Global Summit
  • Fall Members-only Working Session
  • Executive Roundtables
  • Leadership Advisory Boards and Expert Groups
  • Online Community, Aha!
  • Regional Networking Events
  • Educational Webinars
  • Monthly Open Webinars
  • The Diligent™ Qualification Platform, a single source for identifying and evaluating Clinical Service Providers
  • 2012-2017 industry research on risk management and risk-based approaches to quality, protocol, and oversight


The AQC Knowledge Center

This Members-only online portal houses a comprehensive suite of more than 400 leading practices, guidelines, tools, and templates to increase efficiency, improve quality, and mitigate risk in clinical trials. Content includes:

  • AQC Research
  • Case Studies
  • Inspection Readiness Knowledgebase with Member Company Inspection Experiences
  • Oversight Capability Maturity Model (OCMM)
  • Prequalification Standards for Technical Service Providers
  • QbD Principles and Tools
  • Quality Agreement Template
  • Quality Metrics and Taxonomy
  • Patient Engagement Tools
  • Protocol Quality Checklists
  • ICH E6 (R2) Map to Compliance
  • Risk Management Framework and Tools
  • Webinars

Member companies receive unlimited user access to the Knowledge Center. To request a demo, complete the form below.


The following graphic illustrates activity in the AQC Knowledge Center over the 12-month period from October 2016 – October 2017:


Overall Satisfaction with AQC Tools/Resources is Consistent and High*

In a September 2016 AQC survey, Members were asked, “How satisfied are you with the documents and tools available to you as a Member of the Consortium?” Ninety-two percent of users report being satisfied with the tools provided by the Consortium.

*2016 AQC Member Pulse Survey, September 2016


Member Testimonials

“I am engaged in the QMF work stream and members of my team are involved with the Metrics and Inspection Readiness work streams. This has afforded me the opportunity to deepen my collaboration with colleagues and to network with others on the key issues facing them in the industry today.”

“The interactions I have had on AQC initiatives has challenged my thinking, inspired me to try different approaches to quality and enabled me to influence the direction of best practices in the selection and oversight of service providers.”

“I have been part of the centralized RFI and Diligent efforts. I have learned a great deal from fellow Member companies and we are able to apply the standards as we are starting the process of looking for an IRT vendor.”

“Ongoing periodic discussions and meetings have helped us to engage one another and contribute to the end product.”

“The AQC is an excellent forum for networking and for sharing information and is very proactive at involving companies in the activities that they do.”

“The AQC is collaborative. The Consortium values Member input and strives to deliver the highest level of quality. This is my 5th year and I keep coming back because there is some fabulous material here and some really wonderful people.”

“The AQC is a forum where sponsors, CROs, technology providers, and other companies get a chance to participate on a level where everybody is treated as an equal, everybody is listened to, and we all learn collectively. There are not a lot of forums that provide that in the industry and I find it particularly useful.”

“I can’t say what the AQC brings to us in just a couple words. It brings great value for the money, but it isn’t about the money. The AQC, to me, is the ‘pathway towards quality’ or ‘provides the roadmap to quality.'”

“The AQC is a great sounding board for the industry pressures and challenges we face and a great place to network and come together collaboratively.”

“The AQC is the best place to share practices.”

“The AQC is a wonderful array of interesting, engaged, passionate, thoughtful people coming from all areas of the Clinical Trials industry. They are representatives of the entirety of the ecosystem. Whether they are CROs, senior pharma decision-makers, biotech executives, you get to meet really interesting, nice people.”

“The AQC is innovation and best practices.”

“The AQC is an innovative relationship learning platform and continuing to improve how we get our medicines to patients.”

Join the AQC

Joining the AQC is easy!

Step 1Inquire about membership benefits for your organization.

Step 2 – Execute a simple membership contract.

Step 3 – Get to know the AQC Knowledge Center, webinars, Member meetings, online community, leadership advisory boards, and more!

When your company Membership is complete, you and your colleagues will have immediate access to the AQC Knowledge Center and online community.


To request information on Membership benefits for your company, call or complete the form below:




Beth Listhaus

Client Development, The Avoca Group

+1 (609) 759-2860



AQC Research

  • 2017 AQC Annual Research on Risk Management with an emphasis on risk-based approaches to oversight and quality management
  • 2016 Patient Survey
  • 2016 Research on quality-promoting practices
  • 2015 Research focus on Quality Management Systems and Protocol Quality
  • 2014 Research of Consortium Members’ quality management practices

  • 2014 Research with investigative sites focused on quality and clinical trial execution (in collaboration with the SCRS)
  • 2013 AQC research on Risk Management
  • 2013 Industry approaches to prequalification and routine systems audits of full-service CROs and niche providers
  • 2012 Report of Consortium Member quality practices and approaches

AQC News & Events

7th Annual AQC Global Quality Summit

June 13-14, 2018 | Dublin, Ireland
The agenda for the 7th Annual AQC Global Quality Summit is beginning to take shape. We’re very excited to return to Dublin!

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Webinar: Linking Study Quality to Leading Practices for Proactive Planning

Thursday, May 3, 2018 | 1:00pm – 2:00pm EDT
In this webinar, leading practices for proactive study startup planning will be shared. Participants will learn how to effectively deliver on improved overall study quality while supporting regulatory compliance for provider oversight.

Read More